Leave no Trace

Mountain Meitheal is proud to support and endorse the Seven Principles of Leave No Trace.


Leave No Trace is an Outdoor Ethics Education Programme designed to promote and inspire responsible outdoor recreation through education, research and partnership. As increasing numbers of people seek the beauty and exhilaration of outdoor recreation, our collective mark on the environment and its natural processes, increase. Litter, water pollution, disturbance to vegetation, wildlife, other people and livestock are all indicators of the need to develop an ethic that protects our natural heritage.

Techniques designed to minimize the social and environmental impacts are incorporated into the Leave No Trace programme as Seven Principles.

Leave No TraceĀ  Seven Principles:

  1. Plan ahead and Prepare
  2. Be Considerate of Others
  3. Respect Farm Animals and Wildlife
  4. Traven and Camp on Durable ground
  5. Leave What You Find
  6. Dispose of Waste Properly
  7. Minimise the Effects of Fire