Adirondack shelter

Volunteering with Mountain Meitheal offers you the opportunity to join with like minded people to give a little back to the outdoors and to support the protection of our natural heritage by getting out and physically making a difference.

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Adirondack shelters originate, as the name suggests, in the Adirondack Mountains of New York state. They are a popular feature in US wilderness areas and in Nordic countries where they are used as temporary accommodation during hiking and fishing trips. The shelters are constructed with three sides, a pitched roof and a raised platform which can sleep four or five people. Where fire rings exist, those using them are asked to minimize the use of dead or downed wood, keep fires small and leave firewood for the next users. As of 2014 there are three shelters along the Wicklow Way and two in the Nephins in Co. Mayo. Each shelter has a visitor book in which visitors from over Ireland, Europe, North America and further afield have left their comments and appreciation.View the map to find grid references or coordinates to find locations of the Huts.